George. 19. I'm fortunate enough to study Biology at uni, I therefore spend my time embracing and learning about the endless, beautiful intricacies of nature.

Through my studies of biology I some how ended up reading about Buddhism and mindfulness, both of which are huge influences on my life today.

This blog is a collection of my OWN photography, thoughts and creations.


This afternoon’s doodle… :)

There’s so much detail dotted around everywhere. Often going unseen and unnoticed it blends into the background as we rush around in our crazy little human lives. On the occasions where we stop and actually pay attention to this detail we wonder “oh wow isn’t nature incredible!?”… and then swiftly return to our little human quests of daily life, soon forgetting about the “incredible” glimpse we’ve just seen of nature. If only we could hold a higher regard for the wonder of these spectacular little details, for their immense complexity and beauty is far superior and more important than we give them credit for.

'Built me a lamp' :)

This song is just beyond words…

"Time based prophecies that kept me from living,
in the moment I am struggling
to trust the divinity of all the guides
and what the hell they have planned for us.

I cry for the creatures who get left behind
but everything will change in a blink of an eye
and if you wish to survive,
you will find the guide inside”.

Such an inspiring song. I encourage you to just sit back and listen to the entire piece of art.

(Nahko Bear - Aloha Ke Akua)

Gong meditation in a teepee… This was a surreal experience I shall never forget!